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'Get That Testimonial' is an easy-to-use PHP/MySQL driven script you can use to collect testimonials for your site or product. Features: * Present an easy-to-use testimonial form to your visitors * Fully editable design of the form page * Fully editable thankyou-page (reward people for sending in their testimonial, add a special offer or do anything you please) * Public or private access to a list of sent in testimonials * BONUS: Lifetime updates * BONUS: 10 fully designed templates This is a Free Member download. How did you like this product? Post your review and rate this product.


The Expert Guide To Organizing Your Internet Marketing Information provides never-before revealed information on how to set up an organizational system for your Internet Marketing information. The Guide takes you step-by-step through the process of designing and building your own "taxonomy" and file structure to organize and manage your internet marketing downloads and other information - like a true professional. It even explains the key design ideas behind the revolutionary IM Index Mind Map - and how you can copy them for your own system! Without a properly organized system, you probably waste hours and hours searching for critical files and information. Anyone who is serious about their internet marketing business needs to be serious about how they are organized. This Guide will show you how to run your hard drive professionally. This is a Free member download. How did you like this product? Post your review and rate this product.


You may have heard of Silo Structure or LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing). Don't worry if you haven't as it's not conventional knowledge. This book goes into the way the search engines tend to evolve and rank information. Jean has been experimenting building Silo Structured sites using LSI tools since April 2006. He shares some of the insights he is developing in his new ebook series in this free report for those looking for ways to get better rankings for your sites. This is a Free Member download. How did you like this product? Post your review and rate this product.


Here's what you'll learn inside this ebook: How to develop the mental fitness and mind set to attract wealth into your life. Paycheck to Paycheck How to overcome the negative, self-limiting programming you've been carrying around. How to condition your mind to see the opportunities that surround you all the time. You will then learn specific strategies that you can use to increase the flow of money into your life. This book is for you if you want to know how to give yourself a raise whenever you want. This is a Free Member download. How did you like this product? Post your review and rate this product.


Crash course in Modern Prospecting The ideas presented in this course allow business owners, salespeople and marketers to design and implement a low-cost marketing system that will find new sales prospects and educate these prospects to the point that they will call to find out more about the seller's product or services. Once created the automated system generates new sales leads without cold-calling and does so at a very low cost per lead to the seller. Anyone that is required to find new customers for a living may benefit from this course. The course can be resold or given away provided its contents are not altered.


Your Marketing journal business coaching Your Business Building Basics Home Study Course is a hands on training, presented by some of the world's top experts. Your Business Building Basics Home Study Course Includes: From The Foundation Up featuring: Willie Crawford Turning Ideas Into Dollars featuring: Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson Business Coaching Revealed featuring: Richard Butler Niche Marketing Millionaire featuring: Kacper Postawski Joint Venture Magic featuring: Marc Goldman Copywriting Demystified featuring: Dan Lok List Building Secrets Revealed featuring: Tellman Knudsen


Alliiate Classroom This month you'll learn how to increase conversions and sales from several perspectives. Cover Story: "Conversion Fundamentals" that are often overlooked during site development. AIDA and Affiliates: How copywriting can make an impact on conversions. Adding Revenue Streams: How to revive a site with less than stellar conversions. Merchant Tips: Six Application Process Tips The Affiliate Classroom Magazine is one of the few online publications I read regularly. Their regular columnists, students, editors and teachers are asked to provide the latest tips and information on the most frequently asked questions they are encountering and each issue is packed.


instan software riches Special New Report from Jeff Alderson reveals Some Insider Tips on earning big profits from hot selling software products. Learn some of his strategies to increase long term sales, gain more loyal customers, build huge mailing lists and dominate niche markets by tapping into the billion dollar software business. Topics include... Source Code: The amazing profits hidden behind software products 8 benefits of selling and offering software products... Jeff's 7 Methods to create, market and sell your software products...


The Encyclopedia of free Online Advertising This vaulable, 72-Page eBook is an in-depth review and rating of ALL of the free forms of Online Advertising! All new for 2007, there are many new methods of Traffic Generation that you may not have even heard of yet. Best of all, they're all free!


13 Death threats to your website Most Webmasters and website owners ignore the dangers associated with hosting a website with their webhosts. They rely heavily on their webhosts, their server, datacenter and new technology to secure their websites. However, this mindset often leads to costly consequences such as data and opportunity losses. Here is an ebook that aims to enlighten these webmasters about the real threats to their website and how to deal with it in case it strikes. Comes with Master Redistribution & Resell Rights. Free Rebranding available.


Massive Marketing Manual This e-book is like a marketer's encyclopedia of marketing ideas that anyone can afford. Each idea is explained in detail with links to articles that walk the marketer through step-by-step. Easy enough for a newbie, complete enough for the more experienced marketer There is also a bonus course included in the e-book:"A Simple Course on Running an Internet Business" An excellent resource for anyone just getting their feet wet with Internet Marketing.