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Youve spent a lot of time, energy and money setting up your customer list so how do you make your list efficient and hopefully profitable? Make sure people actually want your email: Sounds silly I know, but an unwanted email is SPAM and not only gets sent to the junk folder but also reflects badly on your business. Always use a double opt in process and provide an unsubscribe link. Let your readers know when and how they joined your list. Let them know who you are: Some people join lots of lists, or dont remember what they signed up for. Tell them at the top of each email when and where they signed up. Always sign your email with your name and contact details including your telephone number. This not only inspires confidence but also keeps you CAN Spam compliant. Be interesting: A compelling headline will get your email opened and a short, well thought out email containing good quality information will encourage it to be read. It will also keep your reader away from the unsubscribe link! Keep your sales pitch comfortable: People dont want to be force fed sales information whilst they sit comfortably at their computer. Make your sales pitch subtle and not too frequent. Consider just using a resource box or recommended product at the end of your message. A P.S. sales link has always found to be effective. Get your email delivered: Spam is increasing to almost painful levels make sure that your message does not fall foul of the spam filters by ensuring that you do not use words that trigger them. Make sure that your reader knows that they subscribed. If you have a large list then use an established autoresponder company who can effectively manage large email deliveries and are trusted by the major ISPs. They will also be able to advise on trigger words. Be consistent: It takes time to build up a rapport with your list regularly, but not too often, send interesting emails to them. Many people believe that it takes about 3 emails until the reader takes action, so be prepared for this. Set up your autoresponder with a group of emails set at good intervals and keep doing this for some time.!


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Why is Adsense such an important income generation tool for webmasters and bloggers? First, let us look at how Adsense works. An advertiser buys a banner or text advertisement and pays only when a potential customer clicks through to the advertisers site. The advertising rate is determined by market forces the sum paid by advertisers and to webmasters varies according to the value of the keywords. A website publisher or webmaster signs up with the advertising agent and pastes a javascript code on to their web page. Whenever the page is viewed it will display advertisements from the Adsense program, which are targeted by the spiders to relate to the web page content. For example, if the site is about parrots you can see ads for parrot training lessons (that is not a joke: check it out). There is no shortage of e-commerce advertisers willing to buy advertising, as the targeting possibilities increase the effectiveness of their advertising spend. Every time a visitor clicks through on an advertisement, the website owner receives a share of the advertising revenue. This is a win-win for webmasters no need to find advertisers, no rates to negotiate, no click monitoring, no invoices to issue. Adsense and similar advertising packages are good for websites promoting affiliate programs and MLM as they offer the chance to customise the appearance of advertisements to suit the websites needs. Site owners can choose from different advertising formats, selecting prominent boxed displays or lineage ads that look more like editorial content according to the tastes of their niche market. These options should improve click through rates from visitors who may or may not be aware of what they are clicking on. This way the advertisers gain improved exposure for their advertising and the website makes money. Webmasters can access reports that show details of page impressions, clicks and click-through rates. Webmasters and publishers can now track the success of specific ad formats and spot trends. The most successful formats can then continue, and less popular formats can be scrapped. With very little practice these ad tracking tools are easy to use. Advertising can be placed on a site in minutes, the site owner chooses whether to allow banners or text ads, and can block advertising from their main competitors. Adsense is all about targeted content if your content is rich in keywords it will attract quality ads from the search engines. There is a lot of hype at present about the income possibilities, and lots of junk sites are attempting to attract Adsense income using pure spider food. But the basic requirement has not changed: content is the most important factor, and the search engines can spot the difference. The smart webmaster can produce copy that satisfies the niche websites audience and provides quality spider food as part of intelligent content. Anyone working from home with an affiliate program and home based website, especially network marketing, will know there are not enough hours in the day for everything you need to do. If someone else is willing to produce and rotate the content, collect the money and pay your share to your bank every month, you have more time to produce good keyword content and drive traffic to your niche website. Adrienne Davis runs Brilliant4Biz and has extensive experience in marketing, business start up, and eBook publishing. She publishes a regular FREE Ezine, available at the website. Free ebook or software every month. See which ideas work and avoid Internet scams.

For several months now I have seen many products that promise to get you listed in the top of the search engines. Many of these products are useless, and people just end up wasting their money. In the near future to make money with Google Adsense you are going to have to learn to drive traffic to your site without the help of search engines. The 5 techniques below will show you exactly how to get traffic to your website and profit from those visitors clicking on your Google Adsense ads. 1. Find a topic you can create a two part article on. Write part one of your article and place it on a page on your website. Place Google Adsense ads next to your article. (Example: Next you will want to create part two of your article and make sure to make reference to your first article in your second article. Take part two of your article and submit it to ezine publishers, and article directories. Using this technique, part two of your article will drive traffic to part one of your article. In this way you will profit when someone clicks on your Google Adsense ads when visiting the web page that you have part one of your article on. 2. Create a site that is related to your market that has nothing on it but good quality content about a popular topic in your market. Make sure that you place Google Adsense ads on the site also. You'll then offer ezine publishers and ad on one of the pages of your site if they'll mention your site to their subscribers. Make sure they know they'll benefit by other ezines publishers sending traffic to your site. Their subscribers will be exposed to those ads also. You'll profit from the earnings you earn by people clicking on your Google Adsense ads. This technique is profitable for everyone involved. I haven't seen anyone using it so be a pioneer and watch this technique explode your Google Adsense income! 3. Find a profitable topic and create a 5-10 website about the topic. Make sure to place Google Adsense ads on your website along with the content. Next you will want to create a mini-ebook or report about the topic, and include affiliate links for products and services related to your topic. Take your mini-ebook or report and give it to website owners and ezine publishers who can reach your target market. Allow them to brand the affiliate links in your mini-ebook or report with their own affiliate links. Within your mini-ebook or report, you'll want to make many references to the website you created for this topic that have your Google Adsense ads on it. Whoever passes this mini-ebook or report around will be driving traffic to your site, and you'll profit from those that click on your Google Adsense ads. This technique uses viral marketing which in my opinion is one of the most powerful marketing techniques around. You can get some added exposure by submitting your ebook to ebook directories. You can find a list of ebook directories by going to: 4. Take a couple of articles that you have written, and upload them to your website. Make sure to place your Google Adsense code next to your article. Now take the URL of your articles and place the URL in your signature line in your email or forum signature line. With this one easy technique, I've made up to $46 a day for spending a few minutes putting the URLs into my signature line. 5. Create a mini ecourse on a topic that you know about or do research on a popular topic and create a mini course for it. Take each day of your course and place it on it's own website. Day one will have it's own page. Day two will have it's own page, and so on. Make sure you place Google Adsense ads on each of these pages also. When people sign up for your ecourse instead of emailing them the content, send them to the website address where the content is. The key to this is putting your Google Adsense ads before the content. By using this technique you are not only building a subscriber list, but you'll also profit from people who click on your Google Adsense ads when visiting to read your ecourse. In the future I will be writing more articles on how to profit with Google Adsense without having to use any SEO techniques. By using the techniques above, you are working smarter and not harder, and that's really the key to making money with Google Adsense. Liz Tomey is the owner of where she reveals several adsense secrets that hundreds of people are using every day to make their sites profitable with Google Adsense ads. Visit her site for the free report "Confessions Of An Adsense Girl".

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